LAS VEGAS, NV – It’s a win for Shawmut-Built Limani and Polo Ralph Lauren! The Association for Retail Environments held its annual Design Awards—the industry’s largest and most prestigious retail store design awards program—at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas where the New York-based projects were recognized for their exquisite design and achievement.

Limani, which received Gold in the Restaurant/Fine Dining category, allows customers to handpick their fish from a unique and cultured Mediterranean menu. Located in Rockefeller Center, this 8,000 square-foot space offers an open kitchen and market style display of fresh fish. The Shawmut team constructed an elaborate entrance that mirrors the ribs of a ship’s hull. Guests enter the space walking along white marble floors, where they’re greeted by a flowing 200 seat dining room.

The project team didn’t stop there; a white onyx-framed bubbling reflection pool serves as the centerpiece of the design with a 6’ tall spiraling sculpture comprised of 250 nickel-finished fish suspended from ceiling above. The space also includes a backlit onyx bar and stainless steel accents, making this—oceanic oasis nestled amongst the concrete jungle—a must see for any seafood lover.

Once you’ve satisfied your appetite in Rockefeller Center, head to Fifth Avenue to visit a masterpiece of its own. In true Ralph Lauren fashion, the Shawmut-Built 38,000 square foot flagship had no problem impressing the judges—which was awarded Gold in the Specialty Store category. Spanning across three floors, this is no ordinary retail mammoth. The first floor—which displays the men’s collection—is complete with custom river-rock stone fireplaces, wood from an Adirondack boathouse, and even includes a kayak that is effortlessly suspended from the ceiling. The second and third floors take on a different aesthetic with washed brick walls and wood-paneled ceilings that include a shoe space with a lofted ceiling and mezzanine library.

But that isn’t what sets this flagship apart from the rest, Shawmut went a step further. For the caffeine-craved customers, the team built Mr. Lauren’s first ever coffee shop within the retail space. Ralph’s Coffee—which overlooks Fifth Avenue—has white mosaic-tile floors, white weathered board walls, and an aged 18-foot oak ceiling. Should customers want to sit down for a meal, Shawmut provided that too. The Polo Bar—a full service restaurant offers an All-American cuisine inside this one of a kind store.

With both projects shinning bright amongst the New York City lights—it’s only fitting they received Gold in their respected categories.