BOSTON – Shawmut recently hosted a Virtual Reality Safety Training Obstacle Course to allow workers to experience the use of virtual reality in the construction industry first-hand. Workers wore the Virtual Reality Oculus Rifts and entered an immersive experience where they had to identify safety violations on a jobsite, while driving, and at home.

In addition to the Virtual Reality Safety Training Obstacle Course, Shawmut hosted a Toolbox Talk at a current Boston University job site. A Toolbox Talk is an informative group discussion held onsite for Shawmut staff, partners, clients, and subcontractors. This year’s Toolbox Talk trainings included fall protection, mental wellness, electrical safety, and emergency preparedness.

Both events were part of Shawmut’s annual Safety Week, which teaches staff to actively train and manage safety techniques and protocols. Shawmut was one of the first construction firms to celebrate safety week and is part of the senior leadership team’s overall strategy and renewed commitment to safety. This year’s Safety Week included over 807 trainings with 15,706 attendees nationwide.