BOSTON, MA – Shawmut has unveiled a four-week Paid Family Leave benefit, a leading-edge offering in the construction industry. Paid Family Leave provides up to one month of paid leave to employees following a birth, adoption or foster care placement, or to care for a family member who has a serious health condition. Available to both men and women, the policy ensures that Shawmut’s employees are there for their family’s most important moments.

“Paid Family Leave not only helps us strengthen our existing employee benefits package, but it also allows us to provide industry-leading client service by making sure our employees feel their best when at work,” said Les Hiscoe, chief executive officer at Shawmut. “Improving our employees’ work-life integration is a proven way to enhance engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction.”

Shawmut’s history of offering employees better work-life integration has directly contributed to being recognized as a Best Place to Work 42 times both nationally and in each of our regional markets. Shawmut’s new Paid Family Leave benefit follows on the heels of the launch of Shawmut Flex, another work-life program that allows employees the option to flex their time, condense the work week, and telecommute.