Excerpt from Providence Business News

Construction management firm Shawmut Design and Construction possesses a reputation for completing complex and challenging projects. Each employee is encouraged to think like an owner (since in fact they are), creating a proactive, solution-creating work environment.

In the area of innovation, Shawmut keeps propelling forward with improvements in its field, introducing lean design and construction management, integrated project delivery, building-information modeling, virtual reality, as well as in its offices, with paid family leave, and diversity and inclusion initiatives.

In adopting a lean culture – one that removes waste and rework – Shawmut has developed systems with built-in tests to identify problems for immediate response.

One important milestone, says Ron Simoneau, vice president, is the company’s School of Engineering project for Brown University, one of the first attempts of integrated project delivery in an academic setting.

“Subcontractors and consultants all place their profits at risk and subject them to the outcome of the entire project. … This alone has helped shape some of the project’s most innovative and collaborative solutions, including strategies around quality control and safety built into the design,” Simoneau said.

Another innovative element at Shawmut is the implementation of Shawmut Flex Initiative, providing employees with the most flexible circumstances for work, including remote work, job sharing, compressed workweeks, telecommuting and shifting work hours.

“We believe that these arrangements are a proven way to enhance employee engagement, productivity and job satisfaction, all of which ultimately serve to enhance our customer experience,” he said. “Shawmut Flex is a critical part of demonstrating our commitment to building a workplace culture of respect, empowerment and innovation.”

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