BOSTON, MA—Spring has sprung in Boston. Flowers are blooming. The Swan Boats are running. And the newly refreshed Sheraton Boston is offering guests the ultimate sleeping and dining experience.

In anticipation of the city's bustling tourist-season, the Sheraton Boston recently completed renovations to all guest rooms---spanning twenty-four floors, as well as its 4,500 square-foot restaurant, Apropos.

Shawmut worked alongside the Owner's Project Manager, Turner & Townsend Ferzan Robbins, with whom we worked with on the Waldorf Astoria project, taking a strategic approach in completing all 428 rooms. Working from the top down, floors were finished two at a time to expedite the process---allowing room reservations to be made immediately after completion, while also allotting a buffer floor to ensure the guest experience was not interrupted. Each guest room was renovated to modernize the space, including custom fixtures, distinctive tiles, and contemporary sinks.

Additionally, the Apropos Restaurant was refashioned with a modular design, transforming it into a multifunctional space capable of being customized for events and meetings. The refurbished restaurant was fitted with a modern show kitchen and upscale fixtures and finishes. The new design allows the restaurant to cater to a multitude of occasions and can be used any time of day. How apropos for a hotel!