NEW YORK – Shawmut gathered with elected officials and community and health care leaders to celebrate the opening of the Institute for Family Health’s new Cadman Family Health Center in Brooklyn, New York. The Institute for Family Health is a mission-driven health organization with a rich history and expert leadership, serving individuals and communities in New York State since 1983.

In partnership with Geddis Architects, Shawmut was challenged with an occupied renovation of the seventeenth floor of 300 Cadman Plaza West to convert one tenant space into two. The 25,000-square-foot renovation required layout changes to comply with The New York State Department of Health guidelines. The space also received a cooling unit for a new IT room and select electrical and plumbing system upgrades. As the Institute’s 31st location, the Cadman Family Health Center will allow the mission-driven organization to better provide for over 117,000 patients served annually across New York State.

“Our team is honored to have worked with one of the largest community health centers in New York,” said Steve Giordano, senior director at Shawmut. “This state-of-the-art health center is conveniently located near Brooklyn transportation hubs for easy access, and will allow the organization to continue improving health care for individuals and communities who historically have had limited access to care.”

Cadman Family Health Center represents the latest in a series of health care projects for Shawmut, including at Columbia University, New York University, and Alexandria Center for Life Science.