Yale University - Wright Laboratory Renovations

New Haven, CT

Type of Project: Renovation
Duration of Project: 16 Months
Square footage: 37,900 sf
Partners: Christopher Williams Architects, LLC


The scope of this renovation project included a new physics lab for neutrinos and dark matter, a renovation for relocated student machine shops with welding areas. A full fit-out of the existing high-bay labs into cryogenic, detector characterization, and low-background labs, including a 3-ton crane and several 1-ton cranes. In addition, there’s a new clean lab, radiation shielding, and electronics/ control room. Fit-out of a combined teaching and research machine shop and office, was relocated from nearby science buildings (SPL & SCL). New code-compliant egress stair and corridors and a fire protection system were installed. Additionally, the front entry, public corridors, and ceilings with integral lighting on both floors, were refinished. 

The process piping systems included in the project are RODI, Argon, Nitrogen, Boiled Nitrogen, Lab Vacuum, Lab Air, DI Water, Carbon Dioxide, and Nitrous Oxide. Duct fume hoods and fume extractor arms were also included with this upgrade. A ducted paint spray booth and clean room were installed. A new roof was installed over an adjacent unoccupied building. A new 44 ft x 22 ft skylight was incorporated in to the roof. Four new air handling units, one is a custom unit with a vestibule, were installed. 

The extensive BIM coordination of all M/E/P systems required for this complex project was performed by Shawmut’s Engineering Services Division.