Hublot, 5th Avenue

New York, NY

Type of Project: Ground-Up
Duration of Project: 39 Weeks
Square footage: 1,500 sf
Partners: CallisonRTKL, Peter Marino

Noteworthy: The flagship is designed to mimic the appearance of a timepiece’s wristband, using powder-coated black aluminum panels lit with LED lights that rise 70 feet—Fifth Avenue’s tallest storefront and the brand’s tallest in the world. Not to mention, the store was built between two buildings in a 20-foot-wide space. Inside, the design is complete with 19-foot-high, perforated metal panel ceilings from Germany, wood and black lava stone floors imported from France, gray suede walls, glass and polished stainless steel fixtures, and custom, high-end finishes throughout. In addition, the store has “shadowless” LCD vitrine windows, a wall of monitors, and a “book” with virtual turning pages, displaying Hublot’s history, in the Fifth Avenue window. The Shawmut team stepped in once the building was demolished and began with excavating the hole. Mini caissons and new steel beams were installed to strengthen the foundation of the building and support the façade. Working on one of the busiest streets in the world, all deliveries were scheduled between 12AM and 6AM requiring extensive coordination and planning.

Photo Credit: Adrian Wilson, NY

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