MEP Services

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing: Welcome to the heart and soul of your building.

You can’t have a building without Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection Building Systems. That’s the truth. But you can have a building without properly managed MEP. And that’s an ugly truth.

With Shawmut, you’re getting the best possible MEP service from one of the most experienced MEP teams out there. From pre-con to post-con, we are working on your behalf—coordinating all the subs to ensure that everyone is on the same page and on the same schedule. And by the time we hand the building over to you, you can be sure the building has been tested and retested, and is operating at peak efficiency.


  • »We collaborate with the design team and architect to address constructability issues. In other words, we make sure your MEP fits.
  • »We use Virtual Design and Construction to test the constructability of the design, determine whether the MEP design makes sense for your building and whether it can be operated and maintained properly.
  • »We work closely with our Pre-Construction Team to catch issues before they become costly issues.


  • »We review every subcontractor’s submittals for equipment approval.
  • »We coordinate all the trades—HVAC Contactor, Plumbing, Electrical, and Fire Protection—to ensure they’re all working together, all working to problem-solve, and to keep the job moving.
  • »We’re all about quality control. Does the MEP follow the specs and drawing? Can we save time and money by doing prefabrication in the shop instead of the field?
  • »The end date is the end date. As your advocate, we make sure everyone is aware of and stays on schedule. So by the time your end date arrives, the building will be up and running—100% operational and 100% signed off by the necessary agencies.
  • »We’re fans of precommissioning. Some CMs don’t offer it. Some clients don’t want it. We think it’s not only a great customer service, it’s a great way to make sure there are absolutely no surprises.


  • »Our warranty is our word. If there’s a problem, we fix it. Simple as that.
  • »We offer enhanced owner training. We’re not just going to hand you the keys and leave. Far from it. We’ll talk and walk you through the systems. Should there be a problem, we’ll coordinate the work, on your behalf, with our subcontractors.