Lean Construction

What do you say we shave up to 20% off your schedule?

It’s one thing to get a job done right. It’s another to get it done right while being as efficient and cost-effective as possible. That’s the basic premise behind Lean Construction. And it’s an integral part of how we manage our projects.

In a nutshell, we map out every step of the project—eliminating redundancies, overlaps, and potential miscommunications. We also bring all trades to the table, which in turn allows us to empower and leverage each of the subcontractors’ experience to form a network of commitments between the trades. The result? A lot less wasted time and money.

Lean isn’t just for the field. We implement Lean practices into our own internal operations, too—creating greater efficiencies in Operations, Purchasing, and Accounting. And that translates into greater efficiencies and real value for our clients.