We truly believe we’re building a better tomorrow. Superior structures. Enhanced, engaged communities. Proud clients who enjoy certainty of outcome. That all requires efficiency, collaboration, transparency, and integrity. Our commitment: From day one, we’re all in. All the time. It’s what we call the Shawmut Way. And that means we’ll always: 

Deliver world-class client service above all else. It’s the only way we know how to do business. And it’s non-negotiable. 

Actively drive a safe and injury-free environment. We’re about more than just compliance; we’re about prevention. Our #1 goal is to make sure everyone on-siteand in the officegoes home safely every night. 

Grow and develop our people to be the best. We invest heavily in our people—making sure they are the best in the industry. Spend a few minutes with any one of them and you'll see what we mean. 

Value diversity, openness, and respect. People who feel good about coming to work end up doing their best work. We don’t just preach team work, we excel at it.  

Always act with a long-term and ethical view. There’s only one way to do business. The right way.

Walk the walk. We’re an employee-owned company. We bring an owner’s mentality to everything we do. That means we always do what’s right for you and our company.

Foster a culture of continuous learning. We are a culture in which it is safe to make educated mistakes. We take responsibility for our mistakes and go the distance to correct them. In the pursuit of defining and refining our best practices, we analyze our own short comings, and celebrate our successes and victories, as well as those of our teams.

Find a better way. No finger-pointing, just problem-solving. If it’s in your best interest, it’s in ours too. 


Culture. Growth. Ownership. These words best describe my experience at Shawmut. Most companies talk about this, but don’t live it. I see growth opportunities daily, whether through our DEI efforts or people going above and beyond to collaborate. The pride of ownership is seen in everything we do. Shawmut walks the talk.David Malonson – Senior Finance Manager, Los Angeles