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If you are ready for Shawmut, you are ready to build your career.

Shawmut’s Construction Management Skills Training (CMST) program is a great opportunity for recent college grads to experience the three main areas of construction—Project Management, Site Supervision, and Estimating—while enjoying the benefits of a full-time, salaried position.

This rigorous three-year program allows trainees to gain first-hand knowledge of what it takes to be successful through hands-on rotations in each of these three areas, while gaining a comprehensive understanding of how to run world-class projects. The third year also includes a challenging leadership development curriculum.

At the end of the program, trainees graduate and continue their careers with roles of assistant project manager, assistant superintendent, or assistant estimator.

Summer Internships and Semester-long Co-ops:

Your first step to a challenging, exciting, and rewarding career. We’re looking for interns and co-ops to support project teams, field operations, and internal operations. Apply to the intern or co-op program here!

We are currently accepting applications in the following departments:

  • »Construction Operations: Estimating, Project Administration, Project Management
  • »Field Operations: Engineering, Field Operations (On-site), Safety
  • »Internal Operations: Accounting, Accounts Payable, Administrative, Business Development, Facilities
  • »Finance, Group Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Office Services, Risk Management, Strategic Planning

Apply to the CMST program here!

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