Shawmut Careers Bring OWNERSHIP of Shawmut Advantages!

TALENT Keep elevating your career and character amongst top talent in a stimulating and high-achieving work environment. Our focus on your growth affords you opportunity, novelty and the freedom to contribute, be heard, and make change.

ESOP Reap financial benefits from Shawmut’s "ESOP" - Employee Stock Ownership Program. Every employee is an owner, sharing the same mission, vision, and values- making for a supportive work atmosphere in which we champion each other successes.

CULTURE Ask why you want to be an owner at a "BEST PLACES TO WORK" company like Shawmut (named 51 times and counting)! The answer is our people-first culture, made up of confidence and humility, honesty and transparency, respect and recognition, and of course, passion and purpose.

FLEX Embrace Shawmut’s flexible work program—one of the most innovative in the construction industry! Our harmonious approach to home/business life integration empowers our employees the ability to better build well-balanced lives. Read more!

SAFETY Appreciate your safety and well-being as seriously as we do. Safeguarding people and places via hazard-free environments is a Shawmut obsession. Operating in the most secure settings possible, we continuously reinforce a 24/7 safety awareness mindset. Check out our published safety manuals!

INNOVATION Invest in a company who seeks to invest in you. We owe it to our employees and the construction industry to sustain a business of continuous improvement. We demonstrate a commitment toward leadership and industry advancement.

DIVERSITY & INCLUSION Be YOU at a company where diversity and inclusion is a source of strength and transformation. We appreciate and honor different experiences, behaviors, personas and thinking. The fusion of individuality is what gives us momentum, originality and power.

FUN Enjoy time spent with down-to-earth people who know the importance of recharging. Join the avid fans of Shawmut celebrations and socials. Fun and comradery, along with a good dose of humor and levity are what motivate and nurture healthy and happy employees.

PHILANTHROPY Take a paid day off to volunteer for your charity of choice! Extend Shawmut's spirit of good-will nationwide. Every day, there's a chance to lend a helping hand and heart through group volunteer activities and donation programs. Take a peek!

BENEFITS Choose from our array of program benefits and perks, based on what matters to you most—now and in the future. Creating a mutually beneficial relationship means we offer a variety of options tailored to benefit your best life. Check out the long list!