Shawmut Flex is more about the work you do, not when and where you do it. We believe in the importance of workplace flexibility as a way to increase performance, maintain a balanced workforce, and empower employees to build healthy, successful lives.


We offer all employees the opportunity to select:

Compressed Work Weeks: You might work longer hours but for fewer days than the standard work week.

Shifting Work Hours: A work arrangement in which you alter your schedule by a few hours at the beginning or end of a shift to provide coverage for an employee on a different shift.

Part-Year Work: You can work full-time during our busiest season, with time off or part-time work the remainder of the year.

For office employees, other options include:

Flex Time: Your workday starts and ends at different times than our standard hours.

Telecommuting or Remote Work: You can arrange to work from somewhere other than one of our offices.

For field employees, other options include:

Relief Pool or Floating Workers: An arrangement in which a field team partners with a group of trained employees to cover overtime and call-outs.

Shift Trading: Available for superintendents only, this is an occasional work arrangement in which superintendents swap whole shifts.

If you want to be part of a company that is committed to changing the way we all work—and live—apply here.


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"We provide the best client service when we feel our best. Shawmut Flex provides an effective avenue to meet company goals and live out our core values. Flex reinforces our commitment to building a workplace culture of respect, empowerment, and innovation."

 Les Hiscoe, CEO