Excerpt from November issue of Boutique Design magazine

To help create an airy, elegant feel, Chevalier’s triple-height space is outfitted in a luxurious materials palette that also includes stained, wire-brushed pine on the walls and ceilings, metal and white opaque glass skylights, and a splashy column of red resin at the entrance.

The 4,000-sq.-ft. restaurant was built out over an 18-week period by Shawmut Design and Construction, whose other recent New York projects include Danny Meyer’s Porchlight and Andrew Carmellini’s Little Park at the Smyth Hotel. “To stay on schedule, we built Chevalier while the base building was under construction,” notes Randy Shelly, vice president of Shawmut’s hospitality group. “We were in constant communication with the base builder, and scheduled everything down to the minute to ensure a seamless project for both of us.”

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