Shawmut’s Director of Luxury Homes for the West region, April Stock, was featured as on of LA’s most influential, trailblazing women in Los Angeles Business Journal’s Outstanding Women in Construction & Design. Read the online feature here and find out more about Stock below.  

In less than a year after joining Shawmut Design and Construction in 2018, April Stock established herself as a leader in the Luxury Homes division, entering as a project executive and shortly after earning a promotion to Director of Luxury Homes for Shawmut West. After one year with Stock as a director, the Luxury Homes division in the West region experienced 38% revenue growth (from 2018 to 2019), with 50% revenue growth projected for 2020. Stock is responsible for setting the strategy, goals, and execution plan for the division, leading a team of 35 people in the office and field, including project executives, project managers, and superintendents—many who are male and some with more years of experience. In an industry that’s only 9% female, Stock has established herself as a leader and expert with both the technical and business acumen to successfully lead a division.

Stock has an unyielding focus on being the best partner to clients and architects alike, taking a collaborative approach to all projects by looking at plans to identify and troubleshoot any errors or challenges upfront to produce cutting-edge work. In the past year, Stock has developed a design assist team that partners with architects to identify challenges and pinch points before construction starts, ultimately saving time and money; she has also partnered with architects and clients to assemble a comprehensive preconstruction approach that is detailed and thorough.

Stock has managed the construction of mixed-use and multi-family buildings across Santa Monica, new construction of multi-million-dollar homes throughout the southern coast of California, and currently oversees construction for multi-million-dollar homes in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Bel Air with hillside structural systems that are often more complex and challenging than a commercial building. She’s led historical renovation projects from world-famous architect, Richard Neutra, and in 2019, successfully got an extremely challenging five-level, 15,000-square-foot home that’s cut into a 1.5 slope hillside out of the ground.

Stock’s passion for her work is evident and permeates through to her leadership style. She has an unending desire to make the construction process enjoyable for clients; it’s their home that her team is building and she recognizes that there’s an emotional and personal connection, so the team needs to forge trust and bond with the client. She recognizes that providing this level of client service starts with the team, and she is focused on being team-oriented and inclusive, growing each team member in his or her career. She champions proactive work and planning, and has further established Shawmut’s reputation for white glove service. Stock insists on transparency and integrity in everything she and her team do.