BOSTON, MA – Shawmut Design and Construction has announced the creation and implementation of Shawmut Flex, a program that allows employees the option to flex their time, condense the work week, and telecommute. Recognizing that its people are its greatest asset, Shawmut Flex was designed to improve work-life integration, retain top talent, and recruit the best in the industry.

“Shawmut Flex provides a new and effective avenue to meet company goals and live out our core values—we provide the best client service when we feel our best,” said Les Hiscoe, CEO of Shawmut. “This new program reinforces our commitment to building a workplace culture of respect, empowerment, and innovation.”

With a workforce consisting of both field and office employees working in a hands-on, 24/7 industry, implementing a flex program that works for everyone was a complex task. The leadership team, spearheaded by CEO Les Hiscoe and his vision for a talent-driven organization, created a unique package that provides feasible options for the entire company, and appointed a director of work life strategies to administer and manage the program. The flexible work arrangement will look differently for employees based on their roles and schedules, but all aim to enhance empowerment, engagement, and employee retention.

“Flexible work arrangements are a proven way to enhance employee engagement, productivity, and job satisfaction,” said Marianne Monte, chief people officer at Shawmut. “Shawmut Flex will not only help us enhance our client experience, but will also allow us to retain and hire the best and brightest talent in the industry.”

“Having flex options in the construction industry is unheard of, and even more rare are the options we are providing our field employees, from shift-sharing to partial year work,” said Michael Sanchez, chief of construction operations at Shawmut. “This program provides the infrastructure, training, and support team leaders need to offer creative solutions to keep our people at their best.”

Shawmut Flex follows on the heels of ShawmutYou, another successful employee empowerment program that offers a personalized development and learning platform for employees to take ownership of their careers in one easy-to access, secure location. Shawmut’s history of offering employee-empowering programs has directly contributed to being recognized as a Best Place to Work 39 times nationally.

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