Excerpt from California Homes Magazine

The interior architect and designer, founder of Santa Monica-based C. W. Eisner, didn’t have to impart his vision to his client. As a creative person themself, he said, client and designer “had a good working dynamic and exchange.”

The 3,000 square foot space is a second home for its owner, who uses the newly design place as a weekend base, or to host out-of-town guests.

Working with Severine Tatangelo of Malibu architect firm Studio PCH, and Los Angeles-based contractor Shawmut Design and Construction, Eisner kept his client’s brief uppermost in his mind. “They wanted it to have a very airy feel, like it’s up in the clouds.”

Clean, spare lines helped achieve that effect. The eye is drawn out over the blue waters of the marina, the cool and neutral colors of the interior spaces enhancing the natural light coming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The open plan living/dining room is outfitted with striking and strategically-placed pieces, like a chandelier from Pagani Studio sourced through Holly Hunt.

“The light reflects back off the chandelier, which is made from individual cut crystal and is a modern take on a crystal chandelier,” said Eisner. “The client liked the idea of a little bit of romance.”

A series of Brno chairs from Knoll is set around the Paul Evans dining table found by the client, the space enlivened by a couple of bold Pablo Picasso paintings. The Minotti sectional sofa was customized with fabric from Cowtan & Tout and sits near a customized coffee table hand-made by a master craftsman. The pleasing color scheme continues through the Bulthaup kitchen. Intriguing textures come from elements such as shellstone around the fireplace.

“We wanted that textural earthy quality without going too far,” said Eisner. “There’s a fine line with some stones—they look like they come from medieval times and you lose the refinement of something that’s very tailored.”

Each of the three bedrooms has unique features—whether an upholstered leather wall, a vivid Alexander Calder tapestry or a sleek bathtub behind a Japanese Shoji screen; push a button and it slides to reveal the glorious water views outside.

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Photo Credit: Lisa Romerein