Group from Brown, RISD, and the University of Applied Sciences Erfurt Participating in Competition to Build Home that uses 90% Less Energy

Shawmut Design and Construction executives have come together to guide the future innovators of home design as they compete in the international 2014 Solar Decathlon Europe. A group of more than 50 students from Brown University, RISD, and the University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt, Germany are looking to break the mold of housing construction. The international competition, taking place in July 2014, pits 20 teams against each other in 10 challenges to see who can build the most energy-efficient, innovative, and livable solar house. The competition is expected to draw about 200,000 visitors with competing teams hailing from over 16 different countries.

The team’s design titled “Techstyle Haus,” was accepted into the competition in December 2013, and will culminate in July 2014 when the team assembles their design at the grounds of France’s Palace of Versailles. Alongside the other 19 structures, thousands of spectators will be able to visit and experience these groundbreaking ideas, and one will be selected as the front-runner. Under the guidance of Shawmut Design and Construction, the Techstyle Haus team is working to create a home like no other, it uses 90 percent less energy and has a roof and walls made entirely of durable, highly insulated textiles. The internal layout has a multipurpose open space that can be easily transformed for sleeping or entertaining, depending on the homeowners need at the time. The house’s plumbing, heating, and air conditioning systems will be placed in a central hub, for easy access and structural efficiency.

Shawmut conducts weekly meetings with the students to guide them on areas such as schedule creation and management, material procurement, constructability, safety procedures and how to properly sequence their work to maximize efficiency.

On January 4, 2014, Techstyle Haus will first be constructed in Providence, RI. Then, in spring 2014, it will be dismantled and transported to Versailles, France where they will erect it for the competition at the famous Château de Versailles.

Shawmut and their executives are proud to be a part of this innovative competition and have a vested interest in the future of the industry by guiding young talent. “This competition is an international think-tank that will help change and grow the construction industry,” said Kyle Lloyd, project executive at Shawmut Design and Construction. “These young minds are the future of our business, we are very excited to be a part of it.”

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PHOTOS: Flickr/techstylehaun