Shawmut is proud to be in the top 175 of 1,000 global firms ranked to Mogul’s Top Companies with the Strongest Female Leaders list. Mogul—a social enterprise that empowers women worldwide—determined each company’s ranking based on current programs implemented to promote female leadership, percentage of women on the board and in executive positions, and working conditions that best fit a working mother's needs.

The construction industry is notorious for being a predominantly male industry—the Bureau of Labor Statistics most recently reported the industry is just 9% female. To create a diverse and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive, Shawmut’s executive leadership has declared gender equity a business imperative and dedicated resources—including a Diversity Leadership Council—to make changes not only within the firm but also in the greater industry. While this work is just the start, being named to Mogul’s list of the Top Companies with the Strongest Female Leaders shows that Shawmut is headed in the right direction.

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