The building boom has returned with a vengeance in sports, bolstered by a slew of renovations of major league and college facilities and a multitude of new construction projects.

It’s a far cry from five years ago when most large-scale sports developments came to a standstill during the Great Recession, forcing architects to lay off experienced designers and put others on extended furloughs to weather the downfall.

The same firms that were once in downsizing mode are now competing to hire more designers to catch up with the plethora of work available, a combination of new builds and an endless stream of upgrades to major league and college venues.

Some industry observers point to a “second-generation” building boom now sweeping the industry following an era spanning the early 1990s through the early 2000s, an unprecedented period for newly constructed arenas and stadiums across North America. From new buildings in markets like Sacramento, to refurbs in Daytona and Charlotte, and a massive spike in college facilities, this current market is red hot.

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