Alexandria Center for Life Science — West Tower Lobby, Corporate Offices and Fitness Center

New York, NY

Type of project: Fit-out
Duration of Project: 72 weeks
Square footage: 14,000 sf
Partners: Bentel & Bentel Architects/Planners A.I.A

Noteworthy: The 3,500 sf lobby uses a lighting system that includes lit walls, backlit ceilings, and pillars that modulate throughout the course of the day and can be programmed for a variety of weather patterns, a starry sky at night, or blue and purple shades at dawn. The J-shaped lobby seating includes more than 40 individual pieces of wood tied into steel support in the ceiling, with further support at the base beneath the Italian terra cotta flooring tiles.

5,545 sf new office fit-out is within empty core and shell space on the lobby floor of the new building. The offices for Alexandria Real Estate feature a “living wall” that uses an elaborately designed wood wall comprised of hundreds of pieces of reclaimed lumber patterned by the architects at Jacobs. The space is constructed of polished concrete, glass walls, and stretched PVC ceilings, leaving a very clean look.

The project is targeting LEED® Silver certification.