Harvard Divinity School - Swartz Hall Renewal

Cambridge, MA

Type of Project: Renovation
Duration of Project: 24 months
Square footage: 55,000 sf - Renovation 13,000 sf - Addition
Partners: Ann Beha Architects

Noteworthy: Built in 1911, Swartz Hall is Harvard University’s only major Collegiate Gothic structure. The renovation added a two-story addition that features a glass facade, dining commons, and a 200-seat multipurpose space. The old stack wing, originally containing five levels of book shelving, was removed to create three levels of classrooms and workplaces, as well as a new multifaith space. The building was completely rehabilitated, internally insulated, and retrofitted with new high-performance windows, and worn stained glass windows were repaired throughout the building. Tracking LEED ID+C: CIv4 – Platinum.

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Photography By: Chuck Choi