Brown University - Engineering Research Center

Providence, RI

Type of project: Ground-up
Duration of Project: 28 months
Square footage: 80,000 sf
Partners: KieranTimberlake

Noteworthy: The new building comprises approximately 80,000 gross square feet of total new construction; the project includes new green space to the West terminating the main campus axis and serving as a gathering space for the complex; landscape connections to Barus and Holley and the other buildings to the South; a main entrance off Brook Street leading to a 7,000 gross square foot cleanroom/imaging suite on the lower level; a lobby, café, teaching lab, and secondary entrances/connections to all existing buildings in the complex on the first floor; 22 research labs with collaboration and support spaces on the two upper floors and in the lower level; an upper level mechanical penthouse; and modifications to the existing Prince Lab loading dock area to support services to the new and existing buildings. The project provides adequate access to the existing buildings, classrooms, and required egress within the complex.
The project adhered to the Brown University Facility Design and Construction Standards and is tracking LEED® Gold Certification, with an energy and performance goal 25% better than the minimum efficiency and performance criteria established in the Rhode Island-adopted International Energy Conservation Code.