Reporting Fraud, Waste and Abuse, or Other Ethical Concerns

All Shawmut business is conducted professionally and adheres to the highest standards of ethical conduct. If that is ever not the case, we want to know about it so we can take appropriate steps to address it. Below are multiple avenues for reporting ethical concerns:

Shawmut Code of Conduct

The Shawmut Way

Shawmut Internal Ethics Helpline

Administered internally, all information reported will be kept confidential.

t. 617.622.7400 or 1.866.735.8779 (toll free)

Shawmut External Ethics Helpline

Shawmut External Ethics Helpline

Administered by an independent third party service provider, NAVEX Global Services. All information reported will be kept confidential, or, when providing information, you can choose to remain completely anonymous.